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True, the bigger (86+) Kodes are not as wave oriented as the smaller or the earlier big Acids. But I would still encourage you to try a real wave fin on the board, like the 25cm Drake Natural. It makes a really noticeable difference. Can you get these fins where you sail? The Big Drake Natural fins are an awesome combination of good power and turning. I hope this will help make the board more like you want. Let us know how it works out.

A comparison with the Quad 87 would also be interesting.

Edit: Now I saw you already tried a wave fin. Then I reckon the only option is to see if some more time on the board will let you figure it out. Would moving the back strap forward be an option? I really think there is some more wave performance to be found in the board, at least judging from my own experience with the Kode 86. Again, let us know.

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