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Hi Jonathan, yes! During the season 2005 I have had 05 Evo 62 model.
Yes Evo was big enough to use regulary but this only in small wave or bump and jump conditions where the board is perfect!
In august 2006 I was in Mauritius in real big/fast/side wave, and it was necessary to use a more big board. So I've changed it before to start.
Sure Evo 62 is the best board that I have used in Pozo conditions.
Total total control in all conditions I ensure real impressive, the board was good also in Garda lake medium wind conditions (early planning).
I've find evo 62 not so easy or suitable in big/fast wave+strong current + low/medium wind.
If you think to do Evo in Pozo conditions go for Evo 62, but if yuo think to youse it in big/fast wave, do for an Evo more big.
Hope this help
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