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I have a 2010 Futura 101 and a 2009 Kode 86. I am around 90kg.

I agree the 2010 Futura 101 is a very special board - it rocks with my Severne Reflex sails, the Severne NCXpro 6.5 and the Severne 5.7 Gator. In fact with the 5.7 Gator the speed and jumps are just awesome!!

I use my Kode 86 with 5.7 Gator, 5.3 Blade and 4.7 Gator. I chose this board as my high wind board because it has the double back strap set up which allows me to sail it with the feel of a slalom board - i.e. heels on the rail.

The Kode is fast too. I have done low 30's with the stock fin, but have also had Boogie at C3 make a US box Venom 30 for me to use in this board, and so far I have clocked 35 knots in less than ideal conditions. This board could easily crack 40 on the right day.

There are other US box slalom fins on the market too, but the Venom is just superb.

The Kode can be tuned for control in waves/bumpy stuff, or tuned for speed and 'air time'! For me, it is the best board for 25+ knot winds.

Hope this helps.
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