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Hi again; just one more question about the overdrive 9,7 and the 490 mast + extension.

I asked this question to severnesails some weeks ago and got an answer from simon at severne today, and I wander just HOW much bottom end I loose using my 490 mast. I am not a light weight guy(90 kg) and I buy this ultrasonic and overdrive 9.7 to get light wind performance. Is there much bottom end to gain if I buy a 530 mast?


"Hi Morten

You will be able to rig the OVERDRIVE 9.7 on the 490 and Base Extension 40.

It will make the sail softer and a bit flatter but would be ok for a lighter
weight guy.

The Turbo will be a good option if you want to be sure of the performance on
the current 490 you own.

Best regards,

Simon Hurrey
Severne Sails Product Department"

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