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Jason, I made some quotes out your message to keep things more clear.

Originally Posted by jasoncatchpowle View Post
used by a skilled rider, the isonic is faster than the futura in all conditions.
I guess this may be true on a slalom course, but most people who go for topspeed on GPS never see any buoy on their way. So for speedsurfing other rules exist than for slalomsurfing. Here a freerace board like the futura may get advantage and even beat a slalomboard.

Originally Posted by jasoncatchpowle View Post
however i did manage to push my 93 futura to 32.86 knots.
Futura's are very good in different conditions. They however excel on half and especially downwind courses. My personal records at the moment:

Futura 122 with 7.0 reflex: 34+ Kts both flat and choppy conditions
Futura 93 with 6.2 reflex: 39.6 Kts flat water and 32 Kts gusts

Both boards have potential to go much faster, especially with good riders (but most good riders surf iSonic so we don't know:-( ). Also the board perform very well with race sails, with the outboard straps it feels like they really need the power which a race sail gives them. This spring Erik Loots and I are planning to go testing and interchanging Futura's and iSonic's. Erik is a very experienced speed- and slalomsurfer and I hope he can make up his mind about pro's and contra's between iSonic and Futura:

- up-, down-, halfwind speed
- control
- jibing
- slalom

I'm no pro so Erik may find out these things;-)

Originally Posted by jasoncatchpowle View Post
the isonics match much better than the futura for those sails.
At this point I disagree. I can't compare with the iSonics, because I don't have one, but I have going out speedsurfing with slalomboards for 5 years. After my switch to futura's I never had the feelling slalomsails like the severne reflex doesn't match with these boards. They work great with the futura's. Als slalomfins like select SL7, S07 and S10 perform very well together with the Futura

Originally Posted by jasoncatchpowle View Post
the isonics can point higher upwind and keep more speed at that angle than a futura.
Yes, this is the part an iSonic must be good at to win the race

Originally Posted by jasoncatchpowle View Post
the futura does have some advantages though. for people learning to carve gybe for the first time the futuras tend to keep going a bit better at slow speeds and are more forgiving of dodgy technique. the futuras have a softer ride over chop going at normal crusing speed. with the futura you dont have to be as foccused on the chop going at slower speeds because of the slight extra nose rocker wheras with the isonic you do have to make sure the rails up front dont catch.
My current experiences with the Futura's are very positive. Boards which are easy to go around with, but with the potential to win a GPS-event on light and midwind days ( up to around 30 kts). The smallest Futura is 93 ltr and 61.5 wide (ofo 40 cm) so for strong winds smaller Futura's may be needed.

So which board suits better is very personal, but a Futura maybe a very good alternative at least to test once.
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