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Equipment wears out and can be damaged so the latest on new models is something I like to keep across - although I have to say that sails prove to be more fragile than boards. In any event it is the tips on sailing techniques that are often contained in the posts which I find so useful.

One thing I have trouble getting across is the definition of a slalom board - I know that they are built for fast sailing preferably with cambered sails (a good package for sure on those terms alone) possibly on a figure of 8 with down/upwind work. Yet they are not exactly the same as say a water ski slalom or snow ski slalom (perhaps giant slalom) with their continuous flowing kind of turning. None of the manufacturers adequately define the slalom board - it is one of those assumed things that seems to leave a lot of sailors scratching their heads and buying the gear on the assumption that all will be revealed.
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