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Thanks Ola!

I went out again with a 21cm side shore choco revolution, before you had a chance to reply and wore my self out with little improvement, trying different things. After reading your tips, I don't think I am heavy on the back foot as my bigger freestyle board and fin has cured me of that. But the two things that I am sure that I am doing wrong now are: 1. I am very eager to head up wind, and probably pointing too high too early. 2. I am not keeping the board flat enough, and railing it far too much to windward, I suspect the front foot heel pressure required by my other board, a wide freestyle board translates into too much railing on this narrower board, in anycase I am not keeping it flat.

I will give a rest for a few days and then
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concentrate on keeping it flat, fast and flying and don't try so hard to push it upwind. Then it will almost by itself go upwind

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