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Default RE: Actual volume of Isonics


Thanks for that. So the 101 is actually 96 liters, which is annoying because as a medium wind changedown from the 133 it wouldn't work for me, but at 68cm wide the Is 111 may be too wide at the top end.

I never really understand this complication. Last year we (could have) had a 105 / 115 / 125. If the 125 had actually been 125ltr (it was 120) and the 105 had actually been 105ltr (it was 100) that would have worked out great - instead we get strange reference 101/111/122/133 that make no sense in terms of actual volume.

I am presuming this is a marketing thing, which I would understand if these weren't high performance boards. Why the gimmicky stuff that makes no sense of actual volume anyway?
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