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Default New Board Advice


I'm looking for a little advice about buying my first board.

First off, details about me, I'm about 100kgs (220lbs), 188cm (6'2") tall, fit and strong. I've been taking lessons on the sea, in reasonable chop, can tack, gybe, beach start, deep water beach start about 50/50. I haven't used harness or footstraps yet (hasn't been all that windy lately), and haven't tried waterstarting. The board I used for lessons was 230 litres, with centreboard. I'm going to take a couple of more lessons before purchasing, but I want to start gathering info and researching it now! I windsurf on the sea, in a couple of different places that range from permanently flat to 12-18 inch chop depending on location.

The boards I've been looking at are the Futura, Carve and Go. Not really sure what volume I should be looking at, probably 150-170 territory. Am I being a bit too conservative thinking about 170? Will I outgrow it quickly, or will it always have a use, eg on light wind days?

Sail sizes? I know I'll likely need a few here, am i right to be thinking in the 5.5-7.5 range?

I'm pretty new to all of this, but completely hooked, so any other suggestions of things I should be considering and looking out for when getting my kit together will be very much appreciated,

thanks for any and all comments,
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