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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
9.7 is the better one as it was developed off the 9.6 making one more cam together with touch longer boom to make the 9.7 which after out performed the 9.6 even for slalom. 9.6 was still good and we were surprised the 9.7 was better even for slalom and is my choose.
Cheers Steve Allen AUS-0
reflex 2010 9.6 worked according to severne with 490 mast
reflex 2010 9.7 with 530

For 2011 for the 9.7 it says it works better with 490, does this work better for slalom and 530 for formula..? or 490 in any case...?

If in 2010 9.7 model, If I used 490 instead of 530, how it would affect the sail..? (i am talking about formula racing.)

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