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Hello Ola,

I come back to you, last friday 24 december, I have lost one FCS fin of my quad 66 2010, and I think that the FCS box is too large now, I can't block correctly the FCS fins, they began to move in the box after 5 mn sailing.
I hadn't this problem on my 76 l quad 2010 and no problem at all with my new quad 77 thanks to the slot box.
My quad 66 2010 is still on warranty.
What can I do ?
I can't get any slot box to replace the FCS box.
I don't want to put 2 US box, it would be too heavy !

I have thought about transform the quad 66 in thruster by inserted only one central short US box instead of the 2 small FCS boxes, in fact this board was a single before no ?

Well, please help me.
What do you advice ?

Many thanks in advance
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