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Default RE: Actual volume of Isonics

Hi all,

As Mezza says at the outset of the discussion, I am sure it's been done before..

As Phill commented, the proof is on the water - and even if you don't have the opportunity to test or demo (which we are always strongly advocating), then the feedback is clearly positive about these boards ~ 101 being particularly common and popular.

I can't recall a single feedback saying "my 101 is too small for 101".
Does a (previous benchmark) Sonic 100 (100Lt) sail bigger than iS101 ? Hardly.

(Phill not sure the actual volumes vary by +/- 5%, but for sure the varoius methods used to measure/calculate/equate can (do) often vary by a small amount.) The iS101 is definitely NOT over 100lt but it is not significantly less either. 96 would be the lowest figure.

There are a number of 9x+ kg riders who comfortably use the iS101 as a light to mid wind slalom board (ie : above marginal slalom and above, or to equate to sail terms, once it's 7.5-8.0m for 9x kg).

Mezza, maybe define your "medium wind" (in your definition, - and everyone has their own) .
It could very well be -depending on your desired "sweetspot" range for the new board -that the iS111 is in fact the optimum choice for you in your conditions anyway. It is definitely a "safe" option - but the choice really depends where you anticipate the top end of the board should end (and how much % you will spend in each end of the wind range).

A lot of riders prefer a slightly larger board - and the "easier" planing to go with that, although (esp in slalom/speed) there is also a clear faction who prefer the "smaller" size option (for a given set of conditions) - thereby accepting to work a little harder in return for a little more performance potential when it's on. Both options are valid (but selecting boards for the individual rider in line with their style is important too).

For me (92-95 + wetsuit and on occasion weight jacket= 100) the 101 is most definitely a very practical medium wind slalom, with extra potential "below medium" and still well behaved into lower end of (typical) hi end slalom. Do not underestimate the effective range of this board, even for bigger guys. No dogma, but no dog either

If you are concernaed about planing performance at "marginal 100Lt range", then there will be few "100Lts +/-" out there that will be better in that range. If you are concerned about ability to sail home submerged, uphaul etc then the performance of the iS101 in this mode is very difficult to distinguish (in pure "volume" mode) from other "100lt"slaloms - and even here it is worth noting that a 100Lt plank performs differently to a 100Lt log.

Nope, width is not everything. But neither is volume alone. The essence of our sport is complex variables ~ and when it comes to detail (rather than macro level) it is important to consider the whole picture.

Beg, borrow or steal () a demo on these - or the previous iS105/115.
You'll see.

Cheers ~ Ian
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