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Kode 102 and US-box.

From 2000 and until now I have had Acid x 3, Carve 99, Hypersonic and Futura. All of them are great boards exept the Hypersonic which is a very difficult board, but;
US-box and 6,5 sail? I agree with the "last speaker". And apart of that; the base of the US-box to day is shorter than the old boxes. Therefor it must be a rather high pressure on that modern boxes.
I was thinking seriously of a Kode now, but because of these arguments I shall try a Lorch Offroad 102 this time.
The time will show if it was stupid or not changing to a Lorch board.
The Starboards are great boards, but many surfers has asked for Power or tuttle boxes for the bigger waveboards during a long time.
Is it tecniquelly impossible to produce them with power or Tuttleboxes or is it without doubt sufficient strenght with the US_boxes.
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