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Default RE: Actual volume of Isonics

Thanks Ian,

those kind of responses are what makes being on this forum really worthwhile.

My concern would be in to top end of the Is133, because I think that chop (rather than wind strength) will limit this quite a bit. Even at 95kg, I am sure you know, it becomes increasingly hard to keep an 80cm wide board on the water when it becomes choppy. The seastate on the British southcoast is short, steepish chop and it very quickly becomes a nightmare.

The real question then isn't what the board is capable off in ideal conditions, but in prevailing conditions, and I think the 101 won't get me planing by the time the 133 becomes a handful.
But I take your point, and will book a demo.

In response to Phil, I actually found the Is incredibly comfortable to sail from day one - that is, once I move the backstraps as far back as possible as the natural stance with is not that wide (not for 6'4" anyway)
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