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Yeah, some have noticed the box in the 2011 Atom so things might change. It's always a tradeoff though. I don't reckon the strength of the US box is the real problem and in any case people do in fact also use these Kode sizes in waves and then it's becomes a more delicate matter to get the right trim for both freeride and waves with a fixed box. always. And I reckon this particular size is the most difficult one. Smaller and us box is in my opinion the absolute best choice. And bigger a tuttle (or perhaps power) is the natural choice. But the 102 size is tricky...

Regarding your torque argument it's not in the direction of the box but perpendicular (assuming we're talking about sailing, not hitting rocks). Twisting rather then bending. To see that you get into the area of diminishing returns by a longer base/box, just imagine a several meter long base/box but where the base is only fixed at the ends. Even with a G10 base, there will be a lot of twisting of the fin base. So the further away from the fin you go, the less added length will help. And since it's also a weight issue (less box length=more weight to spend on a stronger box and more reinforcements) there will in practice be some "in between" solution that offers the best compromise. But again, to learn the explicit details one would have to actually calculate it (or make experiments... which is sort of done...there are very few broken boxes nowadays).

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