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Default Advice for change of board and sail quiver

Hi all

I would like to seek advice for changing my current windsurf setup and hope you guys can help me out in this.

Currently, I am sailing on isonic 111 (2007) with a sail quiver of 7.8m Naish Grand Prix and 5.5m Naish Sprint. I sailed at open sea with wind strength averaging 8-12 knots and hits up to 25 knots when it really honks. The water state varies from flat to choppy depending on wind strength. I weigh about 54 kg and stand at 168cm.

I am thinking of switching to the latest isonic 97 with a sail quiver of option (A) NP 6.7m hell cat and 5.3m Severne Gator or option (B) Severne NCX Pro 7m and stick to my naish 5.5m as I felt overpowered sometime and was overtaken by guys who are larger than me on a smaller setup when i am sailing on isonic 111 and 7.8m at about 13-16 knots. I hope to plane as early as my current setup allows as possible if i made the switch.

Should i opt for option (A) or go for option (B). For the board should i go for isonic 107 or isonic 97?

Hope you guys can help me in this. Thanks.
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