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Hi Farlo and Remi

Thanks for the reply. For the board, i guess i will go for isonic 97. As for my quiver, I am thinking of keeping two sails as there are limited storage place at my sailing club. So if I am to discard my 7.8m, should i just go for Option (A) NP Hellcat 6.7m and NP Hellcat 5.2m ;
Option (B) Severne NCX Pro 7 m and use my current Naish Sprint 5.5m;
Option (C) Severne NCX Pro 6.5m and use my current Naish Sprint 5.5m / or buy Gator 5.3m.

My concern about option A is that it is using exceptionally short mast length for comparable sail size and if i were to switch out of NP and use other sail brand, I might have to purchase new mast in future. And is it true that for NP no cam sail like hellcat, it's performance will not be compromised if one use non-NP mast?

Many thanks for reading.
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