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Originally Posted by eghoffman View Post
Has anyone come up with a good soultion to this? I'd hate to return a whole board just because it came with a stripped insert. I tried an FCS screw (rather than the Surfinz screw that it came with), but it didn't seem to help. It seems like upsizing should work, but I can't seem to find the specs for the screw on Google.

Funny, though - I found a marketing piece from a Surfinz distributor cutting in FCS for having easily stripped boxes. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

I had a problem with the FCS screws even before hitting the water for the first time. The problem is twofold. First, the screws supplied with the board have small heads to them, preventing them from going in too deep. The second problem is the box dimensions are slightly larger than the FCS fins. I ended up stripping the screw trying to get the head of the screw to engage the fin.

Rather than returning the board, my short term solution was to drill out the original thread holes and fill them with Marinetex. This epoxy compound can be machined and allowed me to re-drill and tap the hole with new threads. I used the same size thread for the hole, but replaced the factory set screws with longer true set screws (ones that do not limit the travel). The result has been excellent and has held for the past year. The longer set screws have more bite against the FCS fin box and I have been able to bear down and get the fins absolutely locked.

I've had issues with the FCS fins themselves too. Their plastic/glass construction is no match for the lateral forces at work with windsurfing. The original FCS fins began showing signs of fatigue after about 3 months of use. I've been using G10 replacement fins, which can take the beating; however, the questionable availability of G10 FCS fins long-term has made me cautious. That and my curiousity to run the Quad with bigger fins in back has motivated me to replace the FCS fin boxes with MT boxes, which while not adjustable, are beefy enough to hold a sizable fin. You can view pictures of my winter project on the Boards forum here:

I'd be interested in your opinion.
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