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Originally Posted by mike View Post
Flare - wood vs wood/carbon

What are the advantanges/ disadvantages of each. I know carbon is more $$ How do they compare in terms of:

1. durability
2. performance

I found some other threads suggesting wood is stronger, which for me would seem important as I expect to be abit hard on the board when learning new school moves.

Not sure how it compares to wood carbon, but I would have to say the opposite about wood. Out of all constructions I think it is probably the most fragile. I think it's pretty easy for a wood deck to get "impressions" from sharp pressures. Another thing I've heard, to consider, is that wood is difficult to repair.

Wood is already light as hell, my wood Futura 93l pops/ chophops like a champ and I'd probably see little difference with a wood carbon version, if it existed.

If you have the $$ though, get the best, at least then there are no regrets and you can't blame the board when you're getting frustrated learning new stuff
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