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Here are my thoughts -

1. A little lighter = more responsive, better jumping?
2. Stiffer = bumpier ride, not as smooth
3. Stronger = possibly, but when they break, it's catastrophic

1. A little heavier = less responsive, but maybe a little more control.
2. A little softer = more comfortable, smoother ride
3. Weaker = In some ways - yes, but they usually dent rather than break when they take blows and hits.

I have had 4 wood boards in the last 8+ years and none have been broken. I have dabbed on some polyurethane on some spots where the wood was showing some superficial/cosmetic cracking.

I think the carbon boards offer Pros or highly skilled sailors a small advantage, but they have to give up some comfort and control for the slight gain in performance. I think most of us mortals will get more enjoyment out of the wood boards and save some money too.

Others may have different opinions. I have had carbon boards, but not Starboard. I also treat my gear with kindness and don't do much in the way of radical sailing. Lake sailing with flat,choppy water only, no waves or big jumps.
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