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My poor experience, I have a lot of extensions since I used to keep one for each sail already set to the proper required lenght, all to save time and speed up rigging.
NP: very nice and snug fit, but if sand enter during rigging can be a problem when derigging, mast can remain locked in the mast base. But they are light and seems bombproof. On a 48 cm SDM extension I had some problem with the button of europin locking system, It tends to go out of the hole if its locking theet is loose and not correctly engaged (and be suddenly thrown away in the sand!). found myself outside of Bogo (DK) planning WITHOUT the rig fastened to the mastfoot!
Never owned a Streamlined, here they have huge reputation like their price, and I don't know if they make the euro-pin version.
Some doubts about the RDM Chinook I own, it doesn't accept longer North pin version, I had finally to cut it down; and therefore it has a too thick end cap that remained stuck and somewhat glued inside the bottom of my 430 FS Tidal Wave RDM, because of some sand, so now I wave to work hard for pushing it out from other side...

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