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Originally Posted by mark h View Post
...SB always moves forward not backwards
I agree with this opinion about SB , but change shape lines usually mean changes in all aspects of board properties. Law of phisics are immutable, and generally higher property "x" mean lower property "y" or "z". In my main question I hope to lead to conclusion: which property is "lowered" in Ultrasonic . I like SB, and all my boards was this brand, but I'm going to make conscious choice. In my opinion, when I did read US description, I concluded that US is a little more "freeride" than iS, thus more agile and comfortable etc. But US speed on planing, because shorter nose, is not as high as iS speed, despite sharper rails of US. Maybe I'm wrong about this difference, but only solution before spring is to ask man who rode on these boards.

Mark H, thank you for your opinion
Cheers - Marek
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