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NeilPryde X6 still the best so far for me. No problems after two years. No other have the pulleys in the correct angle.
There is no need to use a crank now days for any good design sail. Sails Designers have lover the tension in their sails. I see a lot of people using cranks and they all broke their pulleys in the sail due to over cranking that crap.
No problem with sand or saltwater in two years and I dont even wash the part in fresh water after using it. By far the best.Neilpryde X6.
Yup, downhaul tension is lower than it used to be and I know lots of people that downhaul by hand,
BUT it's still LOTS of pressure on your lower back specially if you shift your body in the wrong
angle by accident during rigging, so I still strongly believe never to downhaul without a crank and most
people at my beach feel the same... I'm not saying that streamline is what you have to buy, there're many
good choices, but you dude sound like a NP rep... not cool, people ask for objective advice
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