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For what it’s worth.

Have used the euro pin NP X3 since its introduction in 1999 and now have 6 of them (allowing multiple sails to be rigged at the same time) ranging in extension sizes from 28 to 48cm and covering sail sizes from 4.2 to 9.8m.

Only problem to date is that the downhaul line occasionally catches a rivet inside the extension tube and you have to “jiggle” the line as you are trying to get it out of the extension during derigging.

I agree with others that a change to Formuline substantially reduces the effort needed to downhaul to max specs and I also occasionally squirt a dry silicon lubricant onto the rollers of the extension and the sail to reduce the effort even more. Whilst I have closely investigated the new X6, it offers no benefit to me, at this stage.

Still have 3 older-model V8’s with the large luff curves and I MUST USE a downhaul crank to get them to maximum downhaul. Must disagree with Sergio K (post #33) in that:

- I use a mix of mast feet (F2, NP, ProLimit) to connect to the mast extension.

- My Chinook downhaul crank fits perfectly in my X3 extensions, see it here:

Segio, I know that nonopr uses Maui Sails and their products extensively and contributes extensively to the Maui Sails forum. He is not a NP rep.

Hope this helps.
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