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let me try and change the perspective on this discussion

pro windsurfers do NOT wear jerseys with numbers on them
Montreal Canadiens fans buy jerseys at VERY high prices
if they want to put a number on it and be a "poser", they must pay even more

if pro windsurfers use certain brands and put sponsor stickers on their sails why cannot we put stickers on our sails and "pose" as Bjorn or Antoine ?
copying someone is after all a nice and easy complement or flattery
if Red Bull or others sponsor windsurfing perhaps we should all put their stickers ??

if someone is young and a windsurf race winner why can he or she NOT pose as Bjorn or Antoine?
they are NOT hurting anyone and it may even give them so much pride as a "poser" that it helps them win even more races

people here seem to be getting WAY too upset about simplicity
windsurf and encourage more windsurfing !!!
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