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Default Thank you Starboard :)

Hi all, today I just tested my new Isonic 122 with a Severne SSR 8.6 and the stock 44cm fin, in 10-14 knots of wind. I am totally stoked! The board has exceeded my expectations in every way - I could not fault it. It planes earlier and easier than I thought it would, goes upwind good enough, irons-out the chop, easy gybes, and just all-round easy, not to mention fast! Got the set-up perfect first time. My weight - 65kgs, straps back, mast fully back in the track. The stock fin is ok, but a little soft, so very forgiving but a little taxing on the top-end.
This is now the best board in my seven board quiver, and no doubt the best board I've owned. These are my favourite conditions,( 12-14 is perfect for a relaxing, smooth, flatwater blast at my spot, which chops up pretty quick.) Anyone contemplating the Isonic 122, stop procrastenating, and just go out and buy one! QLD Salty, get one of these!
P.S. I am not sponsored, nor do I work for Starboard. Thanks again.
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