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Hi Bel, Marek, Windman,
Guys, I need your help. After almost 15 years break, decided to go back on the board! Previously I was riding only on slalom boards with RSS class sails and that was really great time. Now decide to buy Formula HWR (already in my place but I have absolutely no idea how it works and have a lot of questions about Formula sails, especially sizes. I can order Reflex II or OverDrive'11 from Severne (can't test it). Choice would be much easier when gear will cost like other windsurfing equipment, but all we know Formula prices…..
Bel, I see that you have some experience with FW and you really like it. Can you give me some advices? 12m or 11m? One or two sails? Where are the limits of boring sailing and fight without plesure?
I'm sure that your personal feelings can give me much more tips than reading catalogs and wind charts.
I'm 83 kg and a few words about my spot. Whole summer I spend in Costa Blanca, Alicante area, Spain. Winds are rather light but regular and predictable, avr. 7-10 less 10-14 knt. (+/-).
Best Regards,

Marek, wont to see you on Zegrze in springtime!

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