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Default Second board ?

Happy New Year all.

I weight 73 kg and my height is 1,70. I have been riding a freeride board 145lt (2.55m long 79cm wide). My current sails are a loft O2 5,9 , a loft wave 5,1 and Naish sprint 6,6.

Sailing conditions are flat/choppy water and sometimes small waves depending on the wind strength.

Wind speed where I sail is usualy 12 - 20 knotts and some times goes up to 26.

Regarding my level. I can waterstart 8 out of 10 times when wind blows from my left side and just 1 out of 10 when it blows from the right (as if my left foot is too weak to be the first to climb on board in order to water start ).

I plane easily with harness and just getting in the front foorstrap. I jybe in low speed 5 out of 10.

I was thinking of getting a smaller board as a second one - which will later become my "big" board.

My questions are :

1. What size should I be looking at ? around 95-110 lt with a width of 63-67 ?

2. Should I be looking for a FSW board which will plane easily, handle chop and small waves and be rather friendly for jybes ? sort of an all around board ...

Thanks in advance for all advise and help !
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