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Default RE: Thank you Starboard :)

I couldn't agree more with the message above - I have a Is133 (bit heavier than the poster above) and it is just a dream to sail. Not only ridiculously quick, but really really comfortable. It used to be quite scary to go very fast and then push the board downwind and really go for it, with this board its all I want to do. The last time I went out and got 30knots with an 8.2! I checked, and there are not many 30 knot postings with a sail that size.

The only minor point of criticism is that the bigger stock fin is too soft for me. I think that is a weight thing - at 95kg I am heavier than the 'average sailor', and if I am nicely powered up and start to really push up wind I can see the fin twist. The board keeps planing, but I reckon it costs about 5 knots in max speed, which would be an issue if I were to go racing.

I know the response will be 'get another fin... you're supposed to work on your fin quiver', but I don't make money windsurfing and the price of two good fins could also be another sail. So, its only a minor point really, I just switch down to the smaller fin as soon as possible and find that if I am well powered up I can go just as high as I would want to with the bigger fin... and use the bigger fin as a paddle on sunny windless days ;-)

I am so please with the board tho, I am going to invest the Christmas funds in an Is111 and go racing next year.
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