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Ken has it right!
You would need to get the volume you need with your skill level to really be comfortable
in a variety of conditions, specially if your winds are not steady.
Picking a board with less than adequate volume to uphaul (albeit a very careful and difficult
uphaul process) can leave you pretty much stranded and swimming if the wind dies off to
the point that you cannot waterstart.
At 77 Kg almost any board over 95 liters is uphaulable.
So you need to select whether you want a board that jibes really well, handles the chop
really well, or maybe even has better wave capabilities.
I would suggest the Carve and Kode lines first, perhaps the Futura if you want a
bit more speed and a bit less wave capability.
All of these board lines "cross over" quite a bit.
The Futura line is faster, jibes well, but is perhaps too fast for the waves.
The Kode is a good all around FSW, with pretty good speed, that handles
chop and jibes beautifully.
The new Carve line is perhaps the widest range of discipines and conditions
in the current Starboard line up.
Lots of choices here, but only you know what you are really looking for.
Hope this helps,
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