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Default Quad IQ Size Advice


I am very interested in purchasing a 2011 new Quad IQ. Please give me some feedback in terms of which size to choose. I am 70kgs and sail a variety of mostly side shore California Coast conditions that range from big and clean to slightly onshore summer slop. My bread and butter sail is a 4.7 that I sail 60% of the time. My quiver ranges from 3.7 to 5.3. I'm an efficient sailor and tend to run a size smaller sail / board than my mates of equal weight. I also prefer to sail underpowered in the waves and don't mind slogging out. Please tell me whether I should consider the Quad IQ 74 or 77 as a one board quiver. I am also vaguely considering getting two new boards. In this case I would go either 69/77 or 74/87 (maybe even 74/92 with the 92 as a super light wind wave/freestyle stick).

Thanks in advance for your insight,
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