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Default RE: new vs. old slalom shapes

Hi SIN909,

Just curious about the size (length, width & volume) of your newer board. I have a brand new slalom board that I haven't tried yet, and its almost 23cm shorter, a centimeter wider at the middle and it has a noticably wider nose and tail. My older slalom (from very late 99) is still an awesome board that proved itself repeatedly over the years, even in some pretty wild conditions. If the new one is superior in ways that you noted, I'm going to be very stoked. I've sailed Northshore Maui many times before, so I'm aware how challenging the conditions can be when the trades really kick in, especially outside the reef line.

Was the newer board the one you used in the speed and slalom racing during the 2006 season? If I recollect correctly, your standings in the competitions were right up there.

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