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Default RE: new vs. old slalom shapes


My board is 8'0" and 22 inches wide Mike's Lab and what I used this season. Took delivery sometime in May so it's a fairly late shape. Thr rocker flat is 30 inches. Not sure about the volume but estimate it to be about 85 litres. Also what I really notice is how the board seems to skim over the top of the chop and so if you get in a groove is actually not so bouncy in bad chop. Probably modern slalom boards like the isonics work along these lines. For sure the board played a big part in the results among others factors. On another note there were some questions on this forum about whether to go with a new board or sail if you could only choose one. Well in my experience, unequivocally I would say go with the new board. I stayed on my Nitro4 sails and was still competitive. Boards get delamed and lose their performance whereas sails stay essentially the same. As well I feel there are greater advancements in board design over sail design, particularly the last few years. I think wide and short slalom boards with shorter rockers makes more of an impact performance-wise than wide luff sleeves.
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