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Default Caviglia Wrap Up

ACBC 2011—

Paolo is the Champion for 2011.

Day 1—Light winds in the 8-12 knot range with 4 races. Wilhelm Schurmann from Brasil wins the first over Paolo. Courses are windward leewards, twice around, around 25-27 minutes in length. Paolo comes on for race 2 and 3, winning both, then race 4 is a squeaker…..very light, with only the top sailors planing away initially. Fernando Martinez took the lead at the start and got to the windward mark in first. After rounding, everyone parked for about a minute, then took off again in the next puff. Martinez had a fairly substantial lead on dos Reiss and Schurmann, whom had gybed into shore…but now the comeback started! Paolo and Wilhelm got into a big puff and started planing at very high speed downwind, eating up the distance between Martinez, who was barely planing in around 8.5 knots. But when they got to the finish, it was Martinez with the victory, with Paolo in sec….wait a minute, here comes Schurmann sneaking across the pin end of the line in a puff that Paolo missed! So Shurman in 2, dos Reiss in 3rd, with local guy Martinez getting the victory.

Day 2 was too light for racing, although the RC had sailable breeze for an hour, by the time competitors started coming out, it had conked out….but there was a better forecast for Monday.

Day3—After waiting around for 90 minutes for the wind to fill in, it finally did! 8-12, raining, but pretty consistent and it was Paolo in front, with Wilhelm in hot pursuit. By the second lap, Paolo was clear by 75 yards….but 3 boardlengths from the finish, he gybes and goes parallel to the line without crossing!! Meanwhile, Schurmann, with Martinez hot on his heels, grabs the win and the second….Paolo has to settle for third (was looking at a boat instead of finish pin, thought he was done) with the race clearly won. This sets up a final with a lot on the line…..winner takes it all! And Paolo does not disappoint, winning handily to take the event.

Gear for Paolo and Fernando was PD Formula with Warp 12….in Martinez’s case, he actually used a 11 on the last day. Wilhelm, on Starboard and Neil Pryde (and a past Caviglia Champion), used the 9.8 on the last day in advance of the bigger forecast which never really happened. We believe that all had Kashy’s of various sizes in the top three.

Planing threshold of the top sailors is incredible, there is no doubt. Dos Reiss just flat out stronger than everyone else, form is rock solid on the board, noticeably so from the RC boat. Holds his form much longer than the others, this seems to be the key to his speed, along with the good gear. No uphaul, he just picks the 12 up out of the water when he puts it down….last time I tried that, it did not work too good (!)

Thanks to our friends at Shake A Leg Miami and the Caviglia Foundation for hosting the event which was in it’s fifth year.

Put the ACBC on your schedule for 2012, Miami a lot of fun in the throes of winter!
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