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Default RE: new vs. old slalom shapes

Hi SIN909,

Thanks so much for your response. It's very interesting to note that my new slalom board is also a Mike's Lab, and it's virtually the same size as yours. Given your satisfaction with your board, I know I'm going to be super stoked. The older slalom I mentioned is also a Mike's Lab. I took the opportunity to visually compare the two boards, and the thing that really caught my attention is that the V really extends forward on the board, and is quite pronounced in the nose section, thereby creating fairly deep concaves. Very different from the many ML boards I've owned in the past where the V was quite subtle and pretty much limited to the tail sections . I can hardly wait until I get the new board on the water.

Please indulge me with one last question. What fins have you been using, and what sizes where they? I have always favored Tectonics Goldwings, but I'm tempted to try an F-1 Falcon in the 30-32cm range.

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