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Default Early planing board -- question for Remi


Last year I rented a Futura 122 and was thinking of getting that board or a 111. However, after a summer of relatively light winds I have decided that I want to go bigger (my current board is Bic Techno 133) so that I can plane in 11 to 15 knots.

I was thinking about the Futura 141 or one of the larger Isonics and then Starboard made my choice even tougher by coming out with bigger Carves and the Ultra Sonic.

I weigh 70 kg, and have sails ranging from 4.8 to 8.5 (and have a mast and boom that would handle sails up to 10.0 or so).

I guess I'm leaning toward the Futura because the shapes on the Sonics appear to make them fairly one dimensional but I'd be interested in your thoughts. More specifically, how big a difference is there between the Futura 141 and the ISonic 137 in early planing on one hand and in jibing on the other? Should I be looking at the Carve 151 or the Ultra Sonic instead?


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