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Default RE: Thank you Starboard :)

Hi Nifty, I just bought a Stype 93 , so three new boards this season might be enough. Next spring I'll definately look at the 133 or the nearest to that. Where have you been riding the Isonic in all that chop? I would be interested to know. Also if you are in Caloundra and we should run along on a northerly and see how much faster than the Hyper it is. So far I did a few runs Sunday week ago at the Lake against a friend with an Isonic 111 and 133 (used both boards) against my two Stypes. There is very little difference in them. He is more than 10kg heavier and has been always way faster than me. That weekend things were a bit closer. He definately pulled away in some gusts but in others I got the edge. Over 1km runs he got past me once with speed the rest of the time it was neck and neck. Even going up wind to my surprise. The big question for Nifty is can the Isonic glide through lulls the way the Hyper can. A 122 for your weight will be light wind , what did you find?
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