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Default Isonic 2011 questions

I'm around 83 kg.
Isonic user (and abuser!) since the beginning.
Usual Isonic range:biggest (131),medium (111),strong (94).Carbon-carbon wood.

In 2010 the 131 was magic in the low wind range.Comparing it to the '09 it was sharper in medium wind and such a bit harder (physical) in fully 8,6.
What I should expect from the new 127?
Is the new 117w comparable to the '09 131?
What about its low end?

The 2010 IS 111 was super good with the 7,8 and super agreable with the 8,6 (on demand).To me it got hard in flat out 7,0/choppy.
Still,what about the new 107?
Has it re-find that "classic" smoothness when overpowered (7,0) ?

No idea about the new 97.
Who's the board targeted?
I see it's less volume compared to 101 2010.Why and what's for?
Is it possible thinking that the gap between the 2010 111 and the 97 is broader than the one 107-97?

What about the new 90 low revs?
When it's better 97 and when 90?

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