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Default windsurf camp vacation

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a windsurf camp for a week or two. I'm a beginner windsurfer and have stayed a beginner forever because I never get a chance to windsurf enough. I'd like to go to a camp with great coaches, great accomodation and great food! Not picky, any place in the world will do as long as it's beautiful.

Another question, thinking about getting a sail ....i'm 55kg female , i sail in the ocean with very light winds around 10-15 knots, pretty calm water. What size should i get? thinking about a 5.9 or 6. would that be a good size?
There's a few sails i'm looking at, the north sails-spyclone, diva and also some gaastra sails...which sail do you recommend and which brand? also, what kind of a board do you recommend?

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