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Default RE: Thank you Starboard :)

Hi Salty, I sail at Manly, and being a lightweight I guess I feel the chop more.
Yep, all the boards are close in performance now, it just comes down to comfort and control. I know the S-types are fast - I've been overtaken by one when on my Sonic 100.
Does the Isonic glide through the lulls like Hyper? I think so but can't say for sure yet with my limited time on it and haven't sailed the Hyper, but she gybes nice & easy.
I did get it for light wind - for use with the 8.6 SSR. Yesterday I tried it with the 6.5V8 & 34cm Drake slalom-pro,( much better with the 34), and I can say that I don't think I would've been much more comfortable on my sonic 100.
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