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my sail quiver is built with all the sizes.
So I use both 9,5 and 8,6 for the big board.
Question is:
how much good is the 117 75cm?
Ask it because in our view it's always been not super good in the past season.
I've long thought at having both the 127 AND the 117w but probably they're too close for a real difference.
In the past we've found the 131 very good but difficult to make it running fast (at average 80 kg) with the 8,6 flat out.
That's why I'm gonna searching something for that condition (pretty common while racing).
On the other side I guess that the 117w doesn't deliver all that power for "low wind limit" ,common on national events.

Is it possible being competitive with 97/7,8 and 97/6,4 at my weight?

thank you
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