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Default RE: windsurf camp vacation

Hi again Chef,
I didn't address the 2nd part of your post at all in the above, so I'll paste in your questions here and work on them individually.

"Another question, thinking about getting a sail ....i'm 55kg female , i sail in the ocean with very light winds around 10-15 knots, pretty calm water. What size should i get? thinking about a 5.9 or 6. would that be a good size?"
A little more information would be helpful here.
What size and type of board have you been sailing (brand/ model or length/volume/width)?
Also the "type" of sail you get can have significant influence on the size you need for your suggested 10-15 knot conditions.
Also, what other rig components do you already have?
Mast: (length, IMCS bend number, and carbon content, if known)?
Boom: length?
When we have an idea of what board you are trying to "power up" in your suggested wind conditions (10-15) we can zero in on some specific sails that may (or may not work with your existing mast and boom) work with what you have, or some specific suggestions on rig "packages" that will work well for you.

There's a few sails i'm looking at, the north sails-spyclone, diva and also some gaastra sails...which sail do you recommend and which brand?
Hmmmm.... are you sure you don't mean Hot Sails Maui here?
Jeff Henderson at Hot Sails Maui designs the "Spyclone" freestyle freemove sails also continues the "popular with the ladies" Hot Sails "Diva" line.
I think you will find some of these same sails at "The Windsurf Place" in Bonaire as that's what they were using last year.

As to what size, a 5.9 or 6.0 m2 rig is not really going to have enough area (square meters) to give you much performance in < 12 knots (unless you are very petite), so probably something a little larger (6.0-7.0 m2) would give you significantly more planing time.

also, what kind of a board do you recommend?
This once again depends a great deal on your overall conditions, and what "wind range" you want to get the best perfromance in.
Wider boards like the smaller GO boards work very well, and can "ramp up" your shortboard skills and time spent planing very quickly.
If you want something a little more turny, the Carve line of boards will surely have a model that suits both you and your conditions perfectly.
Try them all in Bonaire.
Hope this helps,

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