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Default to Ola - additional fin for my wave board

Since I could not find any technical support related to your windsurfing equipment available on the web site, I would like to ask you one question. My idea is to use my crazy wave board 80 L (250 cm x 56 from 2004) with slightly bigger sail that is recommended (3.3 - 5.3). Which fin size should I put into my board with 5.8 sail to get the right feeling. Standard fin supplied with the board was 21.5 cm. My weight is 74kg and I am 1.79 m.

Sailing mainly in the Baltic sea in onshore conditions with small to middle size waves, sometimes choppy. I was considering a typical onshore fin with size up to 24cm. It seems that early planning and upwind abbilities are major importances.

I look forward to your quick response.

Kind regards

Tomek, PL
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