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Hello bokirr, and Marek,
The Formula 155 might not be a bad choice, but as Marek suggests your 8.0m2 sail is not going
be large enough to get you planing on a board as small as the F155 in < maybe 12-14 knots of
Here are the Specifications on the 2000 Formula 155:
width: 85 cm
tail: 62 cm
length: 270 cm
weight: (wood) 8.0 kg +-5%
weight: (D-RAM) 8.9 kg +-5%
volume: 155 liters
fin size: 58 cm
Fin box: Deep Tuttle
sail size: 2.5-11.5 m2
I sailed them in 1999 and 2000 and at the time they were great, but the
larger wider Formula 175 with the 65 cm fin (unheard of at the time) was
much better for larger sailors > 75-80 Kg.
You can find alot of boards that are > 85 cm wide that would be far better
for you to learn on.
The F-155 would be considered somewhat fragile, even in the D-Ram
construction (I had all wood back in those days.
Looking at the 2011 line up, the GO 171 would be as wide as the F-155.
Look for something wider and maybe a little more volume like the F-175
or F-186 if you are set of getting a formula board.
Also look for F-Type 148 or 158.
Or as Marek suggests, look for an 155 Futura. I had one of those and it was
very easy to sail and pretty good early planing.
I sort of disagree with Marek on learning to jibe a Formula board.
It's not significantly harder, but it is done somewhat differently than
on a free ride board.
Hope this helps,
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