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Default Sail size for 15knt Futura 111


I weigh about 82kg and my height is about 5/11. I sail in condition from 15knt to 30+ flat and choppy water conditions.

I have a 2008 Starboard Futura 111 with the stock 38cm fin, Ive been using this board for 5 months now, my current sails a 4.7, 5.2, 6.1 but I am finding the 6.1 is a bit small for 15knts and am finding it hard to get on the plane. It may be my early planning skills in marginal conditions that are the issue or a combination of both. But I feel that it may be the sail size?

I have just bought a 2009 86 kode for the high wind days, so I want to use the Futura in lower wind range.

What size sail would work best for the Futura 111 for the 15 20knt wind range?

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