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Hi Farlo,

Yes I understand what you're saying.
Regardless of the wind direction and corresponding outhaul adjustments, the sail should handle a wide wind force range.
That was also the reason why I brought up the topic.

If we discuss only 1 wind direction, say reaching,I think that the reflex system with the reflex batten tensioners could improve 2 important issues:
- give more twist and better release of overpowered windpressure by means of an increased S-profile
- tunnel more power to the front of the sail, resulting in less backhand power, more comfortable handling and better performance

So with the reflex batten tensioners, they improve two issues at the same time.

Not that bad, I think.

I haven't seen this yet with the other sail brands.
The other sail brands all tension their battens from the leech, and rely on the "dynamic or integrated" compact clew (NP terminology, let's just call it reduced boom length) to create more twist and S-Profile.
To improve the forward tunneling of the wind power, they only rely on the cambers.

Severne Reflex has of course also the cambers and reduced boom length, but add the reflex batten tensioner technology as a surplus.

Again, I have no experience with these sails, but would like to try them out.
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