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is the invetor of windsurfing acording to the windsurf magazine in england.
however there is a guy called peter chilvers who lives on a barge in royal victoria docks who said 'i took the americans to court and i was realised as the inventor of windsurfing' he won something like ??2million from the 'americans' and he bought one of the three cars from the james bond movies and he installed an artificial beach next to his barge in a dock which is around 40ft deep(when you think about it, thats alot of sand.

in conclusion i am still confused as well about who is the inventor of windsurfing, maybe one had the idea for a long time but never got around to doing it while the other may have not thought about planning it and just gone out on an ironing board with a bed sheet and some broom sticks.

no disrespect is meant by any of this. but does anyone has any other information on this topic?

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