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Originally Posted by dave View Post
as I posted before, I would try a lower boom height first. I use new tushy t4's and lightnings and for some reason I can not put my finger on, I seem to need to have the boom lower than previous models,
(or other sails I have owned for that matter) for exactly the same reason. lowering the boom for me has stopped the nose off the board riding to high, oint higher up wind, feel more in control of the wind and the sails feel easier to handle.
ps.. and this works for me no matter if I am using large or small fins in the board.
Yeah, you are right Dave, the new Tushy lightning seems to be a very difficult sail to to trim right. All my problems started when I bought this sail a few weeks ago, and I just cant get it set comfortably, I've moved my harness lines, bought a new boom and 100 perc. carbon mast, but it still wont rig right.
I think I will go back to Severnes!
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