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Hi Remi,
Now that I've ordered the 117 W I will need to equip with fins to cover the sail range, can you recommend the right size ?
Sails are North Ram 8.4 and 9.5. Sailing conditions are flatwater and choppy. The 8.4 to be used in fairly consistent light wind above the planning threshold so it ought to be versatile and allow for good speed and still work when the wind gets stronger. The 9.5 is intended to be used in gusty wind at the lower planning limit so low end power is important to get going. Navigation style to be sporty (no "freeride") and powerful but no racing so upwind capacity is rather secondary. It's all about the pleasure of a powerful and fast ride at the best angle and some fun races with friends.
Weight is 73 kgs and 180 tall.

Thanks for your advice,
Best regards,
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