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Default What am I doing wrong ?

Yesterday I was out windsurfing. The wind increased all the time ( 3 hours), so I was overpowered most of the time. I shifted sail and board several times, but was always on too big equipment.
I ended up with 5.3 on a 104 l board (new wide/short board) in 30-35 kts wind.

Being overpowered, I had a problem getting going even though there was a lot of wind. The board was "pointing" too much upwind, and it was a problem to let the board go a little downwind so I could get planning. The same problem when I finally got planning. The board would go upwind all the time, so I had to work hard to keep the board going a little downwind. That meant I was on the egde all the time, leaning a little forward, close to a catapult !
The 5.3 sail was powered up, and got "backwinded" somtimes, so I had to push with my aft hand.

So what was I doing wrong ?

Was it all because off being on too big equipment ?
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